My first choice on the menu when we visit a restaurant has always been pizza – especially since I am never allowed to make it at home. This is by the insistence of my wife – otherwise we would never eat out!

In September 2011 I was lying awake one night at our holiday home in Hermanus. Sleep kept evading me and my mind started to drift. All of a sudden the idea of making a pizza in your indoor braai hits me! (Probably because I saw a man making pizzas at a market stall earlier in the day.) I was immediately wide awake and an idea started forming: most of my friends have indoor braais (especially in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town), all that is needed to make pizza is the oven! An idea was born. I woke my wife the next morning (before she even had her coffee with frothed milk which I always bring her) and immediately told her about my brilliant brainwave. Her reply was a “gmpf”. (I am always getting “brilliant” ideas you see!)

The idea stayed with me through the next few months and one night at a braai in January 2012 I pitched the idea to a group of friends. Wifey kept kicking my leg under the table but I kept going. The reaction was very positive. I met with my first supplier…. And the rest they say is history!

We held our first big meeting on 17 January 2012 and Pizza4U, my indoor pizza braai was born. I have only ever received compliments about the product and I love getting feedback! One happy customer camped at Tieties Bay, said he built a braai with rocks to support the Pizza Braai Oven. A while later his mates couldn’t believe it, enjoying pizzas “on the rocks” with fresh prawns and crayfish  from the sea –  the best ever! My urologist bought one – two months later he phoned me complaining that the Pizza Braai Oven had exploded! Asking if he had dynamite on the pizza he laughed  and said he wants another one for his holiday house – the kids are enjoying it so much, the other is using a lorry rim and the other one claims that he can make 3 large pizzas with 6 “rooikransstompies”.  The Pizza Braai Oven is a great gift choice for the man in your life for any of the important occasions – Father’s Day, birthday, Christmas… or just for the sheer love of it!

Since then we’ve tweaked the models and in 2020 we now have a brand new, original oven with bigger window, better quality steel, more ergonomic handle – craftmanship at it’s very best: the Rolls Royce of portable pizza ovens on the market today! To date, I’ve sold over 3000 ovens – with no come-backs, only compliments.

Pizza4U is proof that your day dreams can become a reality…

Marius Vlok Jooste